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Band of Giacomini

The band of Giacomini, also known as the tail of the dentate gyrus or limbus Giacomini, is the anteromedial continuation of the dentate gyrus, which in turn is part of the hippocampal formation, along with the hippocampus, subicular complex and entorhinal cortex. It is an important anatomical la...

Clavicle (AP cephalic view)

The clavicle AP cephalic angulation view is a standard projection part of the clavicle series. Often used in conjunction with the AP clavicle, this projection straightens out the clavicle and projects it above overlaying anatomy. Patient position patient is preferably erect midcoronal plane o...

Septal area

The septal area is the most inferoposterior part of the medial surface of the frontal lobe, located in front of the lamina terminalis, inferior to the rostrum of the corpus callosum, and posterior to gyrus rectus and rostral gyrus. It is comprised of two gyri and two sulci, which are (from anter...

Ball of wool sign (hydatid cyst)

The ball of wool sign, also referred to as the yarn sign or congealed water lily sign, is an ultrasound appearance, representing degeneration of hydatid cysts (WHO class CE 4). The inner side of the cyst detaches from the cyst wall and folds on itself, causing a change from anechoic (fluid) to a...

Chest (AP lordotic view)

The AP lordotic chest radiograph (or AP axial chest radiograph) demonstrates areas of the lung apices that appear obscured on the PA/AP chest radiographic views. It is often used to evaluate suspicious areas within the lung apices that appeared obscured by overlying soft tissue, upper ribs or th...

Sacroiliac joint (PA oblique view)

 The PA oblique view of the sacroiliac joints can be performed in patients who cannot assume the supine position. Both sides of the sacroiliac joints are examined for comparison. Clinical indications include sacroiliitis and ankylosing spondylitis 1.  Oblique views can be taken either AP or PA....

Stylomandibular tunnel

The stylomandibular tunnel is a space between the mandibular ramus and the styloid process / stylohyoid ligament. It separates the (prestyloid) parapharyngeal space from the parotid space. In some definitions, the portion of the parotid gland that extends into the stylomandibular tunnel is consi...

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