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Articles form the encyclopedic component of and are collaborative efforts to create atomic reference articles for anything related to the practice of radiology. Unlike a textbook, journal publication or a written encyclopedia, articles allow you and other users to expand, modify and update content as time passes. Thus, over time, our articles and content get better and better.

Articles can act as a basic reporting workstation reference or as a leading point to other published journal articles or textbooks as well as selected submitted cases on that topic (through its linked reference list at the bottom or attached case list on the right).

Articles in essence are collaborative works and are about a particular topic. For example:

An article does not just have a title and content, it needs to have references and attributes that define what it is related to (see: linking) and where it should be listed.

Where a term may relate to multiple articles an article for each instance is required, e.g. the lingula is an anatomical term that refers to a mandibular and pulmonary structure. For more information, see disambiguation.

Getting started 

Editing an article is extremely simple. Just log in, click edit article (top of right hand side column) and off you go. Watch the following short video to give you a quick introduction. 



Creating a new article

Once you have mastered the art of editing existing articles, you may come across a topic that has not been covered in You can, of course, create a new article. 


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